Comptoir des Confitures
5 Hameau du Mareau
10130 Coursan en Othe

Tél. (+33)(0)3 25 76 58 04

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Artisanal Jams & jellies

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Catherine Manoël, Master Jam Maker (the highest diploma in France) and French creator of luxury jams, created the "Comptoir des Confitures" in the town of Saint-jean-du-Gard in May 2001.

In 2003, during the "Bocuse d'Or", she met the great French Chef, Mr Paul Bocuse. This meeting sealed her destiny and confirmed her in the idea of persevering in the creation of jams.

Her passion for jams goes far beyond simple "making". She invents and elaborates new flavours, the jam is sublimated.

The respect of Tradition and Excellence are the motivation of her Art.
This craftsman is constantly looking for high quality and rare products.

Since 2011, the "Comptoir des Confitures" has set up shop in a farm in the Aube region, in a quiet and spacious environment.

This small company carefully guards the secret of its recipes and registers its most innovative creations with the INPI.

Catherine is proud to be an artisan and to be able to offer her jams to everyone.

C.M: - "Everyone should be able to buy and consume quality products at the right price".

Allowing everyone to be able to feed themselves with artisanal products is her daily priority.

The direct sales shop in Coursan-en-Othe is open every afternoon from Tuesday to Saturday and can be privatised for your events (club meetings, birthdays, etc) by appointment.

The welcome you will receive there will be sure to seduce you.

Whether it is in the heart of a prestigious castle, a VIP party, a craft shop or a hypermarket, on a market or in its shop, the products of the "comptoir des confitures" are available to all without distinction of quality.

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