Comptoir des Confitures
5 Hameau du Mareau
10130 Coursan en Othe

Tél. (+33)(0)3 25 76 58 04

Siret :43760279000028 

Artisanal Jams & jellies

03 25 76 58 04
06 41 38 19 35

The workshop could be compared to the backstage area of haute couture but in jam.

Carefully fitted out, it is in her "laboratory" that she elaborates, imagines and prepares her jams.
Meticulous cooking in small copper cauldrons, respecting ancestral practices that release the aromas and sublimate the flavours, will delight the most difficult epicureans.

All of her kitchen tools have been designed by Catherine to work with jams and condiments in a world that is familiar to her.

The jars have been thought out and chosen to sublimate her preparations at first sight, like jewel cases.

Nothing is left to chance at Comptoir des Confitures.

She keeps her recipes secret, we won't hold it against her, the best thing is to taste them.