Comptoir des Confitures
5 Hameau du Mareau
10130 Coursan en Othe

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Artisanal Jams & jellies

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Pure Fruit Love

It is with love that the jams of "Comptoir des Confitures" are made and presented.

It is with a real attachment to tradition and a great passion for cooking that Catherine Manoël harmonises nuances, brightness and trends. The originality of the tastes and colours reminds us of the jams of our childhood. 

You enter an exclusive dimension... that of exceptional seasonal creations:

It all starts with the selection of excellent products and the best fresh seasonal fruit.

Catherine Manoël herself extracts the pectin from fresh apples to thicken her jams and jellies.

She orchestrates her combinations in small 9-litre copper vats, which guarantees their exceptional quality. This process is called "cuisson à la Royale".

The recipes are based on fresh fruit and are prepared without preservatives, colouring agents or oxidants. They have a very low sugar content.

Catherine Manoël's jams can be eaten for breakfast, as a sauce on dishes as simple as they are original, or even accompanied by great cheeses. 

French and foreign chefs are seduced by the gustatory pleasures of these original and incomparable jams.