Comptoir des Confitures
5 Hameau du Mareau
10130 Coursan en Othe

Tél. (+33)(0)3 25 76 58 04

Siret :43760279000028 

Artisanal Jams & jellies

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Consumer information :

I am not going to tell you the story of Napoleon and his mistresses, nor that of LOUIS XIV... to present my jams, adding in passing a few erotic images, in order to make the product more appealing.

I am going to tell you about the work of a Master Craftsman who has been producing jams every day for 21 years. My specificity is to honour the fruit while keeping its integrity: whole raspberries at the end of cooking, the same for strawberries.

As I listen to my customers, you will also find a range of pureed fruit spreads. The cooking is done in small pans and there is only one person at the COMPTOIR des CONFITURES... hence the truly artisanal character of the company.

At the COMPTOIR des CONFITURES, there are no machines... EVERYTHING IS DONE BY HAND: from the selection of the fruit, in a short circuit, to the working of the fruit, the cooking, the potting, the sticking of the labels... as well as the preparation of your packages.

Photo: Fruit selection with OLIVIER Arboriculteur.

Priority is given to organic or sustainable fruit.

My jams are very low in sugar. For years I have been fighting against sugar, which is harmful to the consumer's health and causes certain chronic diseases.

I do not use agar-agar or industrial gelling agents, which I consider to be as dangerous as sugar. I work with natural apple pectin to thicken jams when necessary. The pectin is extracted by me from fresh apples, which is why I am based in the Othe valley, a region that produces cider apples.

To present my jams, I would say that they are GRANDMA jams as when there was only fruit, sugar (rare and expensive) and lemons... and if necessary, additions: alcohols and not aromas, spices, fresh aromatic plants, chocolate, dried fruit etc.


You will find two models of pots :

Reference XX C
refers to square pots.

Reference XX R
is for round pots.