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Artisanal Jams & jellies

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The cooking known as "à la Royale".

Cooking "à la Royale" is an ancient technique of cooking jams using only copper cauldrons.

Little used nowadays, we have chosen this method of cooking because it allows us to maintain the taste to perfection and to make real jams that are inimitable in terms of taste quality.

With this technique, through multiple filtrations, we can achieve absolute transparency, as for our "Tutti frutti" jam where the fruits are in suspension as well as for the "Champagne jelly with truffles and gold".

Difference through excellence

Catherine Manoël, French Master Jam Maker and Creator of Luxury Jams, makes and works the most refined tastes.
She is the creator of these unique, rare and renowned creations. 

The jams of the Comptoir des Confitures, it is tastes, colours, in sumptuous glass jars which awake your papillae and your sensory pleasures.

The craziest, most surprising and exciting flavours are brought together in its love of gastronomy and the authenticity of its products.